Mixed media Step by step for beginners.

I wanted to create a blog for absolute beginners into mixed media - assemblage.

I'm gonna show you my process, with products and what they are used for.

Please don't mind my work space, I get sloppy when I art! I'm starting with a 8 x 11 white canvas, These usually come pre gesso'd so no need for that.. My plan is to add rice paper as my base. So here Is where I add Mod Podge, You can use glue or a decoupage glue. But this is used to adhere the rice paper to whatever surface.

Rice paper is a dream to work with, it leaves you with no bubbles and lays flat. So now this is where I add CLEAR Gesso. Gesso Is a primer that comes in mainly white clear or black. and they all come in handy for different projects. Anything you want to add color on should have a layer of gesso.

So since I want my background to "shine" through I went with Clear.. I will be adding bit of paint to this later.

Stencils: Stencils come in different sizes and variations.. here I'm using a finnabair stencil with Sparkling Onyx Jewel affect paste.. And pastes or gels can be used through stencils.. you can find these in different colors and textures. Paste can also be used freely with a paint brush or palette knife.

Now I'm gonna assemble my resin bits: When you gluing things down you want them to stay, so using hot glue or any glue that does not "bend" when dry is not a great Idea.. you want Heavy Gel medium, or super heavy gel. these come in tubs and different shades of white to clear. after this dries , about an hour.. I add more clear gesso on top to prep for color!

Now color: you can use almost anything to color your resin, heavy paint, acrylic paint, liquid acrylics,water soluble inks and sprays, or even micas. Today I'm using liquid acrylics by finnabair in pink and purple. The way I like to add my color is spraying a dab of water adding a dot of paint and spraying again, this helps the colors bleed and blend together.

Making my focal point: I'm using another rice paper, here you can see the feathers out edges. this will help bled down sharp edges you would get from scissors.. I just take a paintbrush dipped in water and paint around the image. you can then just pull the rice paper off..

Here you can see a close up of my painted gears along with some added green liquid acrylic paint, you can see the paint sat on top the paper instead of soaking in.. this is where your gesso came in to play.

Final steps: I like to call these my Last Bits LOL.. I like to dry brush the raised bits to make them look cohesive and blend well.. this also makes the details pop. Dry brushing is a very simple step and can take some practice. You take a DRY paint brush and a little white gesso and kinda rub that off a little on a scrap of paper (I use my Palm) now you lightly feather over the areas you want highlighted. let dry. if it need another coat, Go ahead and repeat it! I also added some Gel with glitter mixed in to some areas. ( remeber gel is a glue that dries clear, so you can add anything you want to it and make it into a paste of sorts.

I really hope this help some of you jump right in and create!

I'll supplies and used and supplies that can be used down below!

rice paper

Heavy body gel

Clear gesso

White gesso

Black gesso

Gear moulds

Gear mould 2

Palette Knifes

Liquid acrylics


XOXO Nicole

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