Tips and Tricks for ReDesign Rub On Transfers

· For best results, remove product from tube and place in freezer for 5 minutes before starting

· For best results, surface should be freshly painted or stained with one day to dry completely and transfer should be applied before waxing or top coat.

· Remove backing from product carefully. The freezer helps prevent the transfer from sticking to the backing.

· Position onto piece, use painters tape if necessary to hold in place. You can also use an exacto blade or box cutter to cut between drawer edges.

· Rub with the tool provided and gently / slowly peel up as each section is completed. Start from one corner and work your way through. If product doesn’t adhere, lay back down and keep rubbing until applied.

· After completely applied, use a soft cloth and burnish the transfer area. You can also very lightly sand with a fine grit sand paper if you want to distress it a bit.

· Apply wax or top coat of your choice as you normally would. We really like general finishes flat out flat or high performance top coat.

ReDesign with Prima Sunflower Farms Transfer

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